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  • Strengthening Business Security: Ironchip and GHI Smart Furnaces Collaborate for a Gradual and Effective Implementation of Unified Multifactor Authentication


    GHI Smart Furnaces is a long-established company, founded in 1937, specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial furnaces. Their primary focus is on melting, heat treatment, and heating, crucial areas in various industries. Over the years, GHI Smart Furnaces has maintained its commitment to maximizing the potential of its facilities and reducing risks by equipping its products with cutting-edge technology.
    Currently, the information security regulations in industrial environments are evolving rapidly, demanding that our clients take additional measures to protect their systems. One of the most effective mechanisms is multifactor authentication (MFA), which provides an additional layer of security against the sophisticated techniques used by malicious actors.
    While GHI Smart Furnaces had already implemented some MFA mechanisms in their organization, they realized the need for a unified and centralized control. It was crucial to have a clear view of the people, devices, and services protected by these security measures.
    Additionally, GHI Smart Furnaces faced the challenge of meeting all multifactor authentication needs across multiple heterogeneous projects, sometimes challenging to manage. It was evident that they needed the support of specialized companies capable of executing MFA solutions closely and directly, providing personalized technical assistance.

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