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Security audit

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How secure are your authentication habits?

Audit your authentication strength maturity level

Are your authentication habits secure enough? Find out in three clicks by completing our quick audit, that will help you determine your authentication strength maturity rank!


1 - Do you use a two-factor authentication system?

Yes, I use a two-factor authentication system
No, I don't currently use any two-factor authentication systems
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What is your security rank?

The impact of authentication vulnerabilities can be very severe. Once an attacker has either bypassed authentication or has brute-forced their way into another user's account, they have access to all the data and functionality that the compromised account has. If they are able to compromise a high-privileged account, such as a system administrator, they could take full control over the entire application and potentially gain access to internal infrastructure.

Even compromising a low-privileged account might still grant an attacker access to data that they otherwise shouldn't have, such as commercially sensitive business information. Often, certain high-severity attacks will not be possible from publicly accessible pages, but they may be possible from an internal page. Therefore, robust authentication mechanisms are an integral aspect of effective business security.

Authentication strength maturity model