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Fraud Detection

Analyze environmental signals and detect fraud in real time. Lock and unlock trades before it's too late.

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Phishing, gone

Ironchip's wireless location-based service access provides an innovative and highly effective defense against fraudsters. Use our technology to detect in real time the creation of synthetic identities, phishing, SIM swapping and other unwanted rogue behaviors.

All protection is little in the fight against fraud. Therefore, our technology analyzes signals from the environment and, together with device intelligence, creates a digital identity based on location behavior patterns unique to each user. Analyze behavior based on users' usual places to detect anomalous behavior and check against blacklists of untrusted locations.

Avoid credit card fraud

Passive security

We eliminate friction if the place is known and increase security if it is not. Following the best practices for requesting location permissions, such as not requiring background data - more than 90% of consumers are willing to share location data with financial apps with security purposes.

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New Sign Up

96% of the users sign up for an application from a trusted place

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Online Shopping

74% of purchases are made from trusted places

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Session Start

89% of logins and more than 95% of confidential transactions are made from trusted locations.

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Advanced identification algorithm

We grant improved security and superior user experience: log-in detection based on a unique visitorID.

Your visitorID is generated using multiple identification techniques, machine learning and probability algorithms.


Recognize synthetic and stolen identities based on location behavior, minimizing false positives. Avoid fraudsters from opening fake accounts.


Recognize the creation of fraudulent accounts in base to the location at the time of its creation and contrasting with its location with the mobile and the DNI.


Most mobile payment platforms with NFT or similar systems require an interaction between two devices. With Ironchip, verify that this payment occurs in the same place during the same instant, validating the transaction and reducing the number of frauds.

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ABANCA Strengthens Banking Security with Innovative Ironchip Technology: A Strategic Focus on Fraud Detection and User Protection

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