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Location Identity Platform

Protect your company and it's users in an easy, comfortable and secure way

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Identity management must be nowadays considered as an essential component for security in organizations. To address this need, Ironchip provides organizations with the scalability and security necessary to offer their users a consistent experience and a reduced risk of vulnerabilities.

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Communication for authentication is done over a double-encrypted channel which implements a TLS plus asymmetric elliptic key encryption.

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We analyze the user's location behavior to validate their access. Location data is not saved, just the prediction algorithm to validate the location.

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No password, no friction

We are the first solution to asure the identity of a user without the need to save their access information, respecting the privacy of your users. ‍

Our location identity platform provides a 100% customizable solution to your needs. We combine the use of our location technology and our fraud detection AI to eliminate the reliance on passwords. We also have more than 5,000 integrations available to suit your every need.

One technology,
endless applications

Maximum frictionless security: Avoid the frustration of managing passwords, company keys and tedious controls. Manage three proofs of identity in a single interaction.

Business application
Geofencing application
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
IDS alerting system
Multi Factor Authentication
Privileged Access Management (PAM)
SaaS applications
Single Sign-on (SSO)
Remote solutions VPN & RDP

Centralized Managment Dashboard

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Our centralized management platform has all the necessary tools and integrations to guarantee user management and protection of access to your most critical services.

Role-based privilege management

Set different user privileges. Prevents unauthorized users from accessing the rest of the system and misusing information, mitigating malicious users.

Restrict access from unauthorized places

Generate enabled access from authorized areas and take your security to the next level.

Supervision of accesses in real time

Check user activity, view access on a timeline, get reports and download them for full control.

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Fraud IDS

Intrusion detection system (IDS)

Location-based reporting system to alert of sim swapping, phishing, device switching, etc.

Boost your subscription with fraud detection features (IDS) and enjoy tracking incidents in real time, facilitating the minimization of unwanted accesses.

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Eliminate the dependency on passwords by using our apps or by implementing our SDK

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More than
5000 integrations

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and counting!

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Case studies

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We have equipped BATZ GROUP with a location-based authentication tool fully integrated into their Microsoft environment so that we have managed to protect both remote access via VPN and access to Microsoft machines via RDP, but this is not all, they also have a tool that can be used with any application integrated into Microsoft environments and more.

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Secure & IT logo

We have managed to increase security, improve control of your machinery and prevent unauthorized remote access. Secure&IT can control their entire industrial system through SCADA. Therefore, location-based multifactor authentication has been implemented. In addition to password and user, the person must be in front of the equipment.

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Elecnor logo

Protection of accesses by Elecnor users to certain company services through Ironchip location technology, so as to provide a multi-factor authentication to ADFS. Management of users permissions with different roles and established permissions to have access to the desired platforms with our location-based technology.

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Renfe logo

We have helped Renfe to improve the dynamics and security of its accesses for the maintenance of the facilities. Currently Renfe has external personnel for this task, for this reason, we have provided an innovative system based on location through which it is possible to validate physical access in an easy and secure way, and also reject improper accesses.

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