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Your Next Generation Identity

based on device, user and location intelligence to achieve
your company's security dream:

Zero account take over

96% of the attacks happen remotely, from a location where the actual user has never been

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Is your business secure?

Due to the growth of remote working and its opening to the Internet, there has been an outrageous increase in cyberattacks, leading to security breaches in large and small companies of all kind. Ironchip provides a level 8 security assurance with a fast and easy implementation.

Are you aware of your company's authentication security level? How Are your employees managing their credentials to access critical infrastructure of your business? Audit your authentication strength maturity level for free with just three clicks.

Avoid credit card fraud
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We are partnering with industry-leading channel partners and resellers to put secure localization as a key enabler of new digital identities into the hands of more customers.

Criptic authentication

Location Based Security

Ironchip team's vision is a more digitized, agile and secure future, and to that end the Ironchip team has created an innovative and revolutionary new technology, Location Based Security.

This new technology, Location Based Security (LBS), makes use of an AI that analyzes the electromagnetic waves of a specific location, creating a unique signature associated with a non-GPS geolocation, which we call a secure zone. We integrate this zone to access your systems or services as an extra security layer to validate the user's secure access, with a device associated to this location.

Using the LBS technology, the Ironchip team has crafted two different products to help you and your business achieve a higher security standard:


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Our Location Fraud Detection system analyzes environmental signals and detects fraudulent behaviors like phishing, sim swapping or synthetic identity with unspoofable location.

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Say goodbye to passwords! We use configurable device, location and behavioral intelligence to enable easy access to your company's most critical services and systems.

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This is how it works

Click anywhere in the map below to see how your position can be determined in relation to your surrounding electromagnetic landscape. Using this and some more data provided by your device, Ironchip's AI can accurately use your position as an identification factor:

Request a demo or contact us. Start protecting your company's most important assets with a secure and anonymous location-based digital identity.


Optimizing risk management is one of our strategic pillars, and, cybersecurity is one of the main challenges we have to address in a digital and hyper-connected society.

Javier Carral Martínez

Executive Director of Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions at ABANCA


Solutions like Ironchip's enable companies to mitigate and detect potential cybersecurity threats, which is already recognized as one of the great global issues of our time.

Roger Piqué

founding partner of Inveready Asset Management


Ironchip will revolutionize the authentication and authorization market, in addition to providing native and unique integrations, so necessary today to secure different areas.

Alex Rocha

CEO of Swivel Secure Europe and also Managing Director of BIO-key